Invisalign on Staten Island – Invisible Aligners

Dynamic Dental, P.L.L.C. provides Invisalign® treatments on Staten Island, NY. and has seen outstanding results from minor tooth movements to more complex cases. We invite you to call the Staten Island dentist today at 718-984-7162 to learn more and schedule your appointment. Invisalign® has revolutionized orthodontics in the past 20 years as “the clear alternative to braces”. The aligners are nearly invisible, yet they can fix gaps, overbites, tooth crowding, crossbites, and more, just like braces. These custom-made aligners are strategically designed in accordance with the treatment plan that Drs. Klein devise for your best smile yet. Your treatment is customized from beginning to end with the expertise of our doctors and the technology of 3D imaging. Extraordinary results are achieved while you comfortably wear your clear aligners which are undetectably worn during the process.

Benefits of Invisalign®

Better Oral Hygiene: While traditional braces can be difficult to clean around, aligners simply pop out of your mouth. Brush and floss your teeth as usual, clean the aligner, and put it back in. Braces also put you at higher risk for dark spots and tooth decay, as they can actually alter some of the surface enamel off your teeth. Fresh breath is always a plus!

Lifestyle Factors: While braces need regular adjustment, are impossible to hide, and prevent you from eating certain foods, aligners are made from practically invisible clear plastic. You can remove them to eat, they will not poke or scrape your mouth, and they are nearly impossible for others to see. The fact that you are getting your teeth into the desired position without anyone noticing that you are actually in active treatment is a wonderful advantage.

3-D Modeling: While you will not know exactly what to expect from braces, Invisalign® removes the guesswork. Before treatment begins, your dentist will make a 3-D digital model of your mouth, and show you what to expect at each stage of treatment, including the final result. This computer guided blueprint will allow you to see a glimpse into your future smile.

Convenience: Your treatment is customized to your dental health needs as well as your lifestyle. While those who wear braces will see a lot of their dentist, those who choose Invisalign® generally need to visit the office less frequently. Drs. Klein will direct you how long to wear each aligner every day (typically 20 to 22 hours), and when to change aligners (generally every two weeks). Many people enjoy the convenience of caring for their own aligners rather than constantly going to the dentist for adjustments.

If you are in the Staten Island area and want to know whether Invisalign® is right for you, call 718-984-7162 to schedule a consultation. We are here to help you smile.

Invisalign FAQs

  • What are the primary benefits of Invisalign?

    No metal, no wires, no brackets, no worries! Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. Many people will not even notice that you’re wearing them. Invisalign offers a seamless way to correct tooth position and fits in comfortably with your lifestyle. Invisalign aligners are removable. Unlike traditional braces, you have the flexibility to drink and eat whenever you wish by simply taking them out and storing for safekeeping. For the best results and staying on track with your treatment timeline, aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day.

  • How much does Invisalign® cost on Staten Island?

    Invisalign® can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $8,000, depending on the length of your treatment and the number of aligners needed. If your dental insurance covers the cost of orthodontic treatment, it will likely cover at least some of the cost of Invisalign® treatment. A custom smile evaluation is needed to determine your estimated costs.

  • What payment options are available for Invisalign?

    Our team is here to help you find options to make your treatment affordable. Our office along with Care Credit offers flexible and affordable monthly payment plans. Specifically designed for health-care expenses, CareCredit is a third-party patient financing program that makes it easier for you to get the treatment or procedures you want and need. Discuss your financial needs with our team to make the Invisalign process easily affordable. Ask about custom payment options for your specific situation. Invisalign may be covered partially by some dental insurance plans, but not all, depending on patient age and other dental insurance carrier limitations. It is important to note, dental insurance is intended to pay some but not all of the costs of your treatment. Most plans include coinsurance, copayments, deductibles and certain other fees dictated by your plan. We offer flexible and affordable monthly payment plans to assist you with this investment.

  • How do the aligners straighten teeth?

    You will be supplied with a series of clear trays called aligners during your treatment. Each aligner will make slight adjustments to tooth position and gradual movements based on your custom treatment plan by the doctors. When worn, aligners will cause teeth to gradually shift from their current position. After approximately two weeks, you will begin using the next set of aligners until the desired positioning is achieved. A series of Invisalign aligners are custom-made for you, to move your teeth in the sequence determined by the doctor.

  • How quickly will Invisalign move my teeth?

    Invisalign aligners move your teeth gradually. The more consistently you wear your aligners, the better the results. During each stage of treatment, only certain teeth are allowed to move based on computer generated mapping of the phases of tooth movement determined by Drs.Klein.

  • How will I know what my teeth will look like in the end?

    Drs. Klein and Invisalign are partners in your care. Through advanced technology, you can view your existing smile as well and your projected teeth placement with computer generated views of your teeth. This is an exciting step on your path to the smile you need and want. Invisalign allows you to view your virtual results and treatment plan before you start so you can see how your straightened teeth will look at the completion of treatment. You’ll be able to see it for yourself!

  • How will the aligners affect my hygiene habits?

    Actually, your teeth and gums will thank you. Because you have to remove your aligners when you eat and brush your teeth before you put them back in, your hygiene will be better than ever! You can remove the aligners to brush and floss as you normally would, for fresh breath and good oral hygiene.

  • How long does it take to straighten your teeth with Invisalign®?

    Every patient is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. For very minor misalignment or adjusting teeth that relapsed after braces, you might achieve a straighter smile in as little as six to nine months. For more significant correction, up to 18 months or more may be needed. Most patients fall somewhere in the middle.

  • How painful is Invisalign®?

    There’s little, if any, pain associated with Invisalign®, although you are likely to have some discomfort when you first begin Invisalign® treatment and each time you switch to a new pair of aligners. Still, this discomfort is much less than what you’d experience having your wires tightened with braces.

  • Can Invisalign® ruin your teeth?

    No, Invisalign® can’t ruin your teeth. If you eat food and put your aligners back in without brushing, or eat food with your aligners still on your teeth, you may be susceptible to cavities and stains, but as long as you care for your teeth and aligners as directed, your teeth will be fine!

  • What happens if you don’t wear Invisalign® for a day?

    Nothing! And that’s a problem. Invisalign® only works when you wear them. If you don’t wear your aligners for a day, your teeth aren’t being treated. Skip wearing your aligners too often and you may set your treatment back months. Like most things consistency is key.

  • Do you wear Invisalign® when you sleep?

    Yes, you should wear your aligners when you sleep. You need to wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours each day, so if you don’t wear them at night, you’ll end up prolonging your treatment time.

  • Is Invisalign supposed to be tight?

    Yes, Invisalign® is supposed to be tight. That pressure you feel is what slowly shifts your teeth into their new positions. When you switch aligners, you might have some discomfort for a few days. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be used to alleviate any soreness.

  • What are "attachments"? What are they needed for?

    These are tooth colored “bubbles” that are placed on the surface of your teeth and are treatment specific. Some patients will not need them while others will require them for ideal tooth positioning and movement. These “attachments” or “ridges” are used to help the aligner grip the teeth and shift them into the correct positions. These bumps, or wells, are where the aligner grips the attachment the doctor places on your teeth. The attachments are small pieces of tooth-colored material placed on the surface of your teeth that are used to grip your aligners. The ridges are slim indentations in your aligners. One or both of these features may be used in the process of getting your teeth to the desired position.

  • Are these attachments permanent?

    The attachments can dislodge from time to time. That is a normal occurrence depending on the types of movement performed. At your next scheduled appointment or sooner, if determined by the doctor, you will have the needed attachment replaced.

  • Do I need to wear a retainer after treatment to prevent my teeth from moving again?

    It is recommended that anyone who has completed orthodontic treatment use a retainer to prevent teeth from gradually shifting back towards their initial position. The type of retainer needed will be determined after active treatment.

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