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Staten Island Emergency Dentistry in Great Kills

Need an emergency dentist in Staten Island? Call us today at 718-984-7162 for urgent dental care.

Our team in Great Kills is committed to providing all of our patients with the best possible dental care, even in unexpected situations. Dental emergencies are often sudden, but if you give us a call, we will give immediate attention to your needs and arrange to have you come in for an appointment as soon as possible. Your comfort and care are our top priority.

Of course, not all dental emergencies happen during business hours! If you need urgent care when our practice is closed, call our office and follow the instructions provided on the recorded message. We will return your call as soon as we are able. If you’re faced with a serious or life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room for treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Emergencies

What are some dental emergencies?

Some situations require same-day dental care, while others can wait a few days. Dental emergencies include uncontrolled bleeding, knocked out or badly broken teeth, dental abscesses, and unbearable pain, to name a few. Other circumstances which may or may not need urgent care include fillings, crowns, or bridges that have broken or fallen out and loose dental implants. Call us so that we can help you through the emergency process.

Can you fix a knocked out tooth?

It is possible to successfully replace adult teeth that have been knocked out. Hold the tooth by the crown (never touch the root, as handling it too much can make it harder for your gums to reattach) and gently rinse off any dust or debris with water. Once cleaned, try to place the tooth back into the socket. If you can’t do this, put the tooth in a small container of milk or saliva. Call our office for an emergency appointment. We will put your tooth back in and stabilize it to allow your gums to reattach. The area will need to be closely monitored for some time to fully evaluate the outcome.

Can a loose implant be saved?

When a dental implant feels loose, it’s usually because the crown, bridge, or denture that attaches to the implant has loosened, not the implant itself. This is easy to fix at our office. On the other hand, if your actual dental implant is loose, it can often be saved, but in some cases, it will need to be removed. Once you have healed and the reason your implant failed is determined, another implant can usually be placed successfully.

What should I do if a crown falls out?

If your crown falls out, it’s important to protect the remaining tooth structure. Keep the area clean, avoid chewing on that side, if possible,  and maintain a soft diet until we can see you.  Call our office for an appointment and bring your crown with you. We can often cement your original crown back onto your tooth, although in some cases, a new crown may need to be fabricated. We will take an X-ray to determine if the remaining tooth structure is viable.

What helps an infected tooth?

An infected tooth needs urgent dental treatment—it’s not something that will resolve on its own. While waiting for your appointment, you can use cold compresses, numbing gel, and over-the-counter pain medication for temporary relief. A thorough evaluation of the area is needed. Call us 718-984-7162 to schedule your appointment.