Bad Breath Treatment on Staten Island

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Halitosis, better known by many as chronic bad breath, is a problem that many people face. If you have bad breath, you might try over the counter solutions to freshen your breath including mouth wash, mints, or extra brushing sessions. Often, these strategies won’t work to completely stop the problem.

The most effective solution is to schedule an appointment with a professional dental office like ours. Since halitosis is often related to dental issues, going to a dentist with experience in treating halitosis ensures that you resolve your bad breath. Here are some of the things that you can expect when you go to the dentist for bad breath treatment.

Thorough Dental Exam

To identify the root cause of your halitosis, our dentists will perform a thorough dental exam to identify underlying causes. There are many different causes of halitosis that the dentist will look for, including certain medical conditions such as kidney disease, dry mouth, and dental issues such as cavities and gum disease. Depending on the dentist’s findings, a custom treatment  plan will be created to help you and your diagnosed condition.

Cavity Fillings

If you have unfilled cavities, this could be a part of your bad breath, since bacteria can hide in cavities. Tooth decay can contribute to the bad breath symptoms you are experiencing. It is important to restore and repair teeth that have cavities and those teeth that show first signs of the start of decay. Normal home care like brushing and flossing will not remove decay. Scheduling an appointment to fix the cavities that you have developed will reduce your chances of experiencing the sometimes embarrassing condition of halitosis. Having them filled can be an easy way to address the bad breath issues that you are noticing.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a major cause of halitosis. It can cause big pockets to exist between your teeth, bone and  gum-line, where bacteria can build up. If this is the reason behind your bad breath, our dentists will recommend specialized treatments to help manage your gum disease. Non-invasive approaches will be utilized to help you maintain healthy gum tissue. Treatment may start with a deep cleaning using scaling and root planing to remove plaque, tartar and calculus from under your gums. Medications and rinses may be used, as well. If these methods don’t work, the next steps may include the need for a consultation with a specialist such as an oral surgeon or periodontist. Most cases of gum disease, when identified early, can be treated by our dentists in a few visits. Once treatments are provided it is important to maintain routine visits with our dentists to monitor and adjust treatment protocols as needed. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in America and bad breath is one of the side effects.

Professional Cleaning

Even if you don’t have periodontal disease, a thorough professional cleaning is good for your overall oral hygiene and can help with bad breath. You should plan on scheduling dental cleanings at least twice a year to promote a healthy smile and fresh smelling breath. You may even require more frequent cleanings depending on the amount and type of bacteria in your mouth. Some bacteria cause more of a foul odor than others and we individually have all different kinds of bacteria that reside naturally in our oral cavities.  If you are experiencing bad breath, scheduling a cleaning is a good place to start. If you have not had a cleaning in some time you may need multiple appointments until you see any reduction in bad breath.

Systemic Diseases

Bad breath may also be causes by other diseases of the body outside of the oral cavity like issues with your digestive system, lungs, kidneys or other vital organs. It is important to seek dental care at the start of symptoms so that your dentists and medical doctors can formulate a plan together. Many times halitosis is first identified at our office and then treatment regimens are formulated for the management and treatment of the condition.

Dry Mouth

This condition can occur for many reasons but is a key contributor to bad breath. Saliva in our mouths is a vital asset to help wash away food debris and bacteria. If you are experiencing a dry mouth due to medications, nervous disorders, aging, cancer therapy or autoimmune disorders schedule your dental appointment to alleviate your symptoms.


The nicotine and smoke from smoking can linger in the mouths and lungs of smokers. The chemicals in tobacco smoke can remain in the mouth, leading to many secondary medical and dental conditions including bad breath. Our dentists will help identify your bad breath issues and can also help with smoke cessation options.

Oral Cancer

Our dentists are highly trained to identify abnormalities of the head and neck region. Bad breath can stem from oral cancers or from the methods used for their treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Oral cancer screenings are performed by our doctors regularly to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and identify abnormalities early. Bad breath treatments can help with this persistent,unpleasant condition.

Product Recommendations

You can also expect your expert dentists to make product recommendations that might help with your bad breath. This may include prescription mouthwash or medication if there is an infection causing your bad breath. Additionally, the dentist may ask you questions about your oral hygiene routine to see if there are any opportunities for improvement.

Bad breath can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Fortunately, there are strategies that your dentist can use to mitigate it. To schedule an appointment for bad breath treatment on Staten Island, call Dynamic Dental P.L.L.C. at (718) 984-7162. “Keep Smiling with Us”